The New Tummy Tuck - CombiTuck™

CombiTuck™ - The New Tummy Tuck Procedure is for individuals looking to achieve a slimmer and flatter abdomen by eliminating stubborn excess fat and skin. It is particularly effective after weight loss or after pregnancy. Long lasting results can be achieved especially if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly after the procedure.

A traditional "tummy tuck" or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that cuts unwanted fat and skin tissue from the abdomen and often requires moving the placement of the belly button. The desired results are not always achieved and liposuction is often required months after the surgery to remove remaining fat. Abdominoplasty, although done for many years, can cause severe trauma to the blood vessels and the underlying tissue and organs and has relatively high complication rate.

The new "tummy tuck" - CombiTuck™ is performed by first thoroughly liposuctioning the abdomen and back. Liposuction leaves the blood vessels intact while completely removing the fat from the area. The skin is then carefully separated from the abdominal wall so that underlying tissue is not traumatized, this lowers the risks of complications and patients see a shorter recovery time. Once the skin is loose it becomes easy to manipulate, the skin to be removed is marked and essentially a "skin lift" is performed, much in the same way that a face lift is completed. The CombiTuck™ is much more effective, safer and has fewer side effects than a traditional tummy tuck.

Reducing the amount of trauma to the abdomen is far less problematic. It offers less pain, a shorter recovery period and less risk than past procedures.

This procedure may not be the most effective strategy for all patients. It should NOT be considered a substitute for weight reduction, which should be undertaken prior to this procedure to achieve the best results. As with all surgeries or treatments a consultation is required to determine the most appropriate procedure given an individual's unique characteristics and goals.Make the call that could change your life. Contact a CombiTuck™ Doctor for a consultation to see if the CombiTuck™ is right for you.

With the CombiTuck™ individuals can return to work in 3-7 days, whereas a traditional tummy tuck can take up to four weeks or more of recovery time. With the CombiTuck™ results can be seen immediately you'll be thinner, have a much faster healing time and it is a much safer procedure.